Want to live in Julia Robert’s home? You can if you have $4,5 million

Famous Hollywood actress is selling everything she have and it seems like she don’t want to live in her ex-home. The beloved actress is selling her Greenwich Village apartment for $4.5 million. Interested?

Okay, so we have take a look at the pictures of the apartment and it seems like that Julia have a good taste. White furniture, colorful pictures, cool looking books that no one reads and so on…

One thing that we like most is a spacious terrace with beautiful views of New York City. Hey, only this view worth 4,5 million!

Okay, we loved that wooden fireplace too.

And we found that details are pretty good.

Only… well… Those vases on fireplace are too big, right?

But who are we to jugde. We are not interior desingers after all. Only blogers.

If you are interesting in buying take a look at site 6sqft.com.


For 4,5 million you can sleep in Julia’s bed. To bed she’ll not be there too…

Julia-Roberts-new-york-4 Julia-Roberts-new-york-5

Yes, we told you…

Julia-Roberts-new-york-6 Julia-Roberts-new-york-7

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