Fabulous home of the perfume designer

Have you ever tought how the home of perfume designers look like? We are.

And every time we do it we plunge into the romantic world surrounded by fields of roses, jasmine and lavender located somewhere in the south of France, where they spend their days by detecting scents, surrounded by a variety of glass bottles in the room filled with sun.


For the creator of perfumes Holladay Saltz mostly and it is true. Now we have the opportunity to discover what it looks like in reality and in the house of 73 square meters in New York where she, her husband and cat lives, works and spends his days on his own line of perfumes and care products – Apotheker Tepe.

There he is mixing new concentrated fragrances, creating new formulas, full bottle designs printed materials and upadates his website. The interior is nicely decorated furniture from antique furniture shop, with flea market, but also multi-functional pieces with lots of glass and Plexiglas to make it look visually bright. We loved it.

holladay-saltz-interior-02holladay-saltz-interior-03 holladay-saltz-interior-04 holladay-saltz-interior-05 holladay-saltz-interior-06 holladay-saltz-interior-07 holladay-saltz-interior-08 holladay-saltz-interior-09 holladay-saltz-interior-10



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