Vlada Divac’s house in Los Angeles for the Rent


His luxury villa in California, Vlade Divac, rents for a whopping $ 15,000. Divac’s home worth $ 2.5 million and is located in an elite Pacific Palisades neighborhood.

A 430 square meters house spreads over three floors and is equipped with designer pieces and works by modern artists. Red color is prevailing  as a symbol of energy, happiness and sex appeal, while the clean contrast of a garden full of greenery and a courtyard which looks surreally quiet and isolated, with the equally fantastic day and night views of the city of light and glamor – Los Angeles.

The villa was built 13 years ago and is spread over three floors with garden of 710 square meters. There are five bathrooms, five bedrooms, a terrace with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. This luxury property Divac couple bought in late 2004, which is the third property in their possession in Los Angeles.


Vlade Divac (born February 3, 1968 in Prijepolje, Serbia, Yugoslavia) is a retired Yugoslav and Serbian professional basketball player who spent most of his career in the NBA.


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