Nicolas Cage’s house up for sale for $8,9 million

It is a known fact that movie star Nicolas Cage likes to invest in uncommon properties scattered all around the world. Even though at the present time the star is confronted with a few financial issues, his former homes are still evaluated at exorbitant costs. Take this Las Vegas 14,000-square-foot mansion for example, recently back up for sale for $8,9 million.

You are looking at an imposing residence with elevator and panoramic views of “Sin City”. This home features no less than seven bedrooms, a home theater, an impressive spa, a generous pool, a 16- car garage and many, many more.

Some of the interiors of this giant building resemble the halls of an opulent hotel, featuring intriguing art works and luxurious furniture elements.

Quick info about Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage (born Nicolas Kim Coppola;January 7, 1964) is an American actor, producer and director, having appeared in over 60 films including The Rock (1996), Face/Off (1997), Gone In 60 Seconds (2000), National Treasure (2004), Ghost Rider (2007), Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009), and Kick-Ass (2010). Cage, at age 32, became the fifth youngest actor ever to win the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in Leaving Las Vegas.

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