Christmas decoration of Giuseppe Stefanel’s villa

Build in 18th century, this villa is home for italian fashion guru Giuseppe Stefanel and his wife Titiana.  This grand villa is surrounded with lake, park and garden in French style.

Luxurious home, a historic villa located on the property Oderzo in Italy near Venezia is illuminated by hundreds of decorative lamps.

Impressive estate was built next to the monastery, which dates from 1520. year. The picturesque church is situated next to main mansion of the 18th century.

On the main table, a combination of gold, green and white colour prevails. Plates are on a silver platter.

Light that flashes from stylish lamps in the shape of a Christmas tree and flower arrangement with branches of pine give a special tone.

Floor in dining room is made of marble and covered with colorful carpets. Gold color appears in allmost every aspect of interior design. The couple loves the Chinese vases.

In the bedroom there are four Christmas trees with angels on top, one for each family member Stefanel.

Giuseppe Stefanel and his wife Titiana in their nice decorated living room.

Quick info about Giuseppe Stefanel

Giuseppe Stefanel (31 August 1952 Ponte Di Piave, Italy) is chairman of Stefanel company. The company makes knitwear and casual clothes under the Stefanel and Hallhuber brands.Stefanel’s knitwear is produced at the company’s Italian factory while Hallhuber goods are made in its home country of Germany. The company was founded in 1959 by Carlo Stefanel, whose family still runs the business.

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