Peek into Michael Blumberg’s new London mansion

The former New York City mayor has added to his real estate empire with a seven-bedroom, 6,266-square-foot house built in 1715 in London’s upscale Chelsea neighborhood.

The house in on a private street whose past tenants include the novelist George Eliot (who lived at #4), James Whistler, J. M. W. Turner, and Mick Jagger, according to the New York Times.

You’ll hardly see anything like this. First-class interior design with luxurious details.


In this classic interior you can sense quality of material and finishings. We are really stuned! Please take a look at this pictures and tell us what do you think about Michael Blumberg’s mansion.

michael-blumberg-02 michael-blumberg-03 michael-blumberg-04 michael-blumberg-05 michael-blumberg-06 michael-blumberg-07 michael-blumberg-08 michael-blumberg-09 michael-blumberg-10

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