Luxurious home off Juan Pablo Molyneux in N.Y.C.

Since we’re feeling in a New York State of mind today let’s continue from a contemporary, art-filled Union Square area loft owned by a Pulitzer Prize winning writer we discussed this morning to an opulent Upper East Side townhouse owned by the impeccably refined Chilean-born interior decorator Juan Pablo Molyneux and recently heaved on the open market with an asking price that may or may not be $48,000,000.

[ad#Google Adsense u tekstu]Mister Molyneux’s classically rigorous, decidedly decadent and elegantly eccentric designs are really only available to corporate kingpins, potentates with limitless funds and other super rich sorts who can afford a much lauded and applauded decorator of international renown. We do not, of course, have an inkling of intel about Mister Molyneux’s fee structure or net worth but its seems safe to say whatever he earns doing up the palatial dachas and voluptuous villas of the global elite is sufficient such that he and the missus, Pilar, are able to maintain a substantial townhouse mansion in New York City and am equally, if not more substantial office and residence in a very serious, 17th-century hôtel particulier in Paris’ 4th arrondissement (Marais).



Juan Pablo Molyneux is famous interior designer. He was born in Chile in 1946. His grandfather was British, and deciding to travel to China from London ended up getting lost in Chile, where he married and remained.  Molyneux studied architecture at the University of Santiago, where designers such as Le Corbusier et al had previously studied. Molyneux was attracted to classical architecture fairly early on in his studies and enrolled at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, where he really developed his strong sense of classical design, with just a dash of the idiosyncratic eclecticism that makes his work unique. His interiors are renowned world wide for being the ultimate in luxury: a combination of the comfort and opulence; of Neoclassicism and aesthetic Modernism.

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